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A Good Place To Hide PDF Free Download

Where to hide things

Follow the steps here. Go to the hide text in PDF online page, drag and drop your PDF document to be uploaded. Hide Text in PDF. After opening the PDF file online, click with the mouse to select the text or area to be hidden, the color option will appear, you can change the color as needed to hide the text in the PDF.

If you’re creating your own escape room, you’ll probably be hiding clues around the room. The trickier your clues are hidden, the harder the room will be. Here are some DIY escape room ideas to get you thinking about hiding places for your own escape room!

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Wadded up in the trash can like trash

A Good Place To Hide Pdf Free Download Books

Inside a tissue box, or under a tissue box holder
Inside a ballpoint pen (with the writing part of the pen removed)
Taped to the bottom of things, like trash cans or standing lamps, or under the corners of rugs
Taped to the underside of drawers
Inside fake potted plants
In the trash can, hidden underneath the liner
Rolled up inside a box of tic-tacs
Taped to the underside of chairs or tables
Folded up and placed inside an empty stapler

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Taped to the inside or outside sides of drawers
Tucked in the pages of a book placed in the room
If you have any sort of safe or locking box, hide something inside and hide the key somewhere else in the room.
Behind a picture frame, or behind the picture, inside a picture frame

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Inside the empty battery compartment of something electronic, like a flashlight or clock. The fact that it doesn’t work will be a clue to your guests to look inside.
If you’re using a computer, put one of the clues as a file on a flash drive and hide that in the room.
One fun (or mean) idea: Leave pencils in the room for your guests to solve clues with, but leave them all unsharpened. Hide a pencil sharpener somewhere else in the room.
If you want your guests to have lots of freedom as they search, remove the room’s normal decor and replace with decorations to match your escape room theme. Then they will feel free to search without going through your personal belongings.

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Tip: Use masking tape or blue painter’s tape to mark anything in the room you don’t want your guests to touch or search through. You can tape drawers shut, for example (or AC vents, if you think your guests will be that desperate/creative!)
One last tip: Make a list of where EVERYTHING is hidden. You may think you’ll remember, but after hiding so many clues you might be surprised at what you forget! Then there’s nothing more frustrating than a last missing clue that neither you nor your guests can find.