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Our Moon PDF Free Download

  1. Our Moon Has Blood Clots Book Pdf Free Download
  2. Our Moon PDF Free Download
  3. Our Moon Has Blood Clots In Hindi Pdf Free Download
  4. Our Moon Has Blood Clots Pdf Free Download

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Unified Geologic Map of the Moon, 1:5M, 2020

This new work represents a seamless, globally consistent, 1:5,000,000-scale geologic map derived from the six digitally renovated geologic maps (see Source Online Linkage below). The goal of this project was to create a digital resource for science research and analysis, future geologic mapping efforts, be it local-, regional-, or global-scale products, and as a resource for the educators and the public interested in lunar geology. Here we present the completed mapping project as unit contacts, geologic unit polygons, linear features, and unit and feature nomenclature annotation. The product overlies shaded-relief products derived from SELENE Kaguya terrain camera stereo (equatorial, ~60 m/pix) and LOLA altimetry (north and south polar, 100 m/pix). These data are not included with this download due to size considerations, but a readme in the 'Lunar_Raster' folder provides the download links. This download page includes a PDF of the geologic map (right-side) with a brief Description of Map Units and Explanation of Map Symbols, as well as a JPG of the map for quick access viewing. This release is subject to update based on community feedback and peer-review.

Version 2 updates: Two errors were addressed in this update:(1) Large area polygons were offset from their contacts, likely due to user error. Polygons were rebuilt to fix the issue and post processing (dissolving, reattributing, etc.) to rectify the aesthetic of the map. (2) Contacts were not visible but should have been due to incorrect labeling as DND (do not draw). Those that needed to be drawn have been reattributed as 'certain' those that are not drawn are labeled as 'internal'. Additionally, in version 1 of this data, crater polygons with similar attributes had been dissolved and lumped into contiguous units. This has been changed so that all craters are now discrete units. This adds ~1000 units to the GeoUnits featureclass and the related contacts are now visible and labeled as 'certain'.


Fortezzo, C.M., Spudis, P. D. and Harrel, S. L. (2020). Release of the Digital Unified Global Geologic Map of the Moon At 1:5,000,000- Scale. Paper presented at the 51st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX.

Publication Date
3 March 2020
Corey M. Fortezzo (USGS), Paul D. Spudis (LPI), Shannon L. Harrel (SD Mines)
USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Added to Astropedia
19 December 2019
8 June 2021



The chief purpose of the 5M scale map is to summarize the current state of lunar geologic knowledge. Like terrestrial synoptic maps it provides a stratigraphic framework to be used for developing new theory and for determining the regional significance of surface exploration results. In addition to serving as a framework for interpreting surface exploration results, the effort to classify units into type and age by photogeology narrows the range of possible origins for many features.

Geospatial Data Presentation Form
Geologic Map
2.0, March 3, 2020

Our Moon Has Blood Clots Book Pdf Free Download

Native Data Set Environment

Our Moon PDF Free Download

ESRI Arcinfo

Our Moon Has Blood Clots In Hindi Pdf Free Download

Supplemental Information


Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Kaguya
Mission Specific
Search Terms
geology, structure, , basin rings, contacts, units, moon, lunar, selene, 5 Million Scale, global

Contact and Distribution

Access Constraints
Access Instructions
GIS software will be required to view the files.
Use Constraints
please cite authors

Data Status and Quality

Currentness Reference
Publication date
Update Frequency
As needed
Logical Consistency Report
These maps are updated and sometimes a reinterpretation of the original geologic units or relationships.
Completeness Report

This release is globally produced at a 5M scale.

Process Description

The current renovation of the digital maps adhered to strict guidelines for vector generation and used recent datasets to spatially adjust the location of the geology and linework. The data sets discussed above were used in combination with ESRI’s ArcMap Geographic Information System (GIS) software, to draw vectors on the shaded-relief derived from SELENE Kaguya terrain camera stereo (equatorial, ~60 m/pix) and LOLA altimetry (north and south polar, 100 m/pix). The vectors were drawn with a consistent vertex spacing of ~3 km at 1:1.5M scale, and were smoothed using a maximum allowable offset tolerance of ~16 km. The adjustments and adherence to these guidelines resulted in a product that increased the feature location accuracy at the 1:5M scale and makes the product more cartographically appealing.

Horizontal Positional Accuracy Value
Horizontal Positional Accuracy Report
Accurate to Control Net
Entity and Attribute Detailed Description
Brief units are described in the released PDF map.


Source Originator
U. S. geological Survey
Source Publication Date
1 March 2013
Source Title
1:5M Lunar Geologic Map Series
Source Online Linkage
Type of Source Media
Attribute Accuracy Report
Best Effort

Geospatial Information

Location Description
The Moon
Minimum Latitude
Maximum Latitude
Minimum Longitude
Maximum Longitude
Direct Spatial Reference Method
Object Type
Radius A
Radius C
Control Net
Horizontal Coordinate System Units
Map Projection Name
Latitude Type
Longitude Direction
Positive East
Longitude Domain
-180 to 180

Our Moon Has Blood Clots Pdf Free Download



The Alchemist

Our Moon PDF Free Download

The Power of Habit

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