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Taking Flight PDF Free Download

Filled with sage wisdom and guidance on virtually every aspect of the experience; from choosing the right program to finding and utilizing support and accommodations, to achieving success—both academically and socially. – Jason Katims, Creator and Executive Producer of the NBC Series PARENTHOOD (Foreword)

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This book is useful for youth with disabilities, their families, and educators because it teaches them in a practical, enlightening way that they can break down these barriers in their own lives. ---Alix Generous, TED Talk My Inner Life

Taking Flight: The Guide to College for Diverse Learners and Non-Traditional Students

Taking Flight by Perry LaRoque, Ph.D. is the essential guide to college that provides practical information and strategies for the millions of diverse learners, nontraditional students, and people with disabilities who attend college every year.


The book was written for students who learn differently, have disabilities, or are overwhelmed by the prospects of a complex college landscape, but is also a must-read guide for parents, educators, and support professionals. Currently only 20% of diverse learners who start college actually graduate. This statistic can change with the right support and requisite knowledge, and Taking Flight is that first step toward graduation.


Through humor, stories, and frank advice, Taking Flight addresses everything an aspiring college student needs to know on their journey through college. The author, Perry LaRoque, Ph, D. is a former college professor, an expert in the field of diverse learning, and founder of Mansfield Hall. Taking Flight provides an insider’s perspective to overcoming the complex college system and the pragmatic skills needed to be successful.

DownloadTaking Flight PDF Free Download

In Taking Flight, Dr. LaRoque discusses important topics crucial to the success of students, such as:

• Explores the concept of learning and how it relates to the unique college environment

• Challenges students to focus on their strengths and embrace their differences


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• Unravels college for students and provides strategies for making the system work for them

Taking Flight Pdf

• Provides valuable tips, insights, and tactics for achieving success in all aspects of college

Taking Flight Book

• Empowers students to believe in their ability to be successful in college

Taking Flight Pdf free download. software