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The Rise & Fall
Studio album by
Released5 November 1982
StudioAir Studios, London
Madness chronology
Complete Madness
The Rise & Fall
Singles from The Rise & Fall
  1. 'Our House'
    Released: 12 November 1982
  2. 'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)' / 'Madness (Is All in the Mind)'
    Released: 1 February 1983

The Rise & Fall is the fourth studio album by English rock band Madness. It was originally released on 5 November 1982, on the label Stiff. This album saw Madness at their most experimental, exhibiting a range of musical styles including jazz, English music hall, and Eastern influences. NME described it at the time of its release as 'The best Madness record'. It has often been retrospectively described as a concept album.

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Though the album was never released in the US, several tracks were later placed on the compilation Madness, including 'Our House', the band's only top 10 hit in America.[1]



Initially conceived as a concept album about nostalgia for childhood, the concept was eventually dropped, though the original theme is still evident particularly in the title track and the album's major hit 'Our House'. This theme was also mentioned recently when interviewed as part of T in The Park highlights, where their lead vocalist Suggs claimed that all the band members were told to write about their childhood memories for The Rise & Fall (although he did say that their keyboardist Mike Barson got the wrong idea, and went off and wrote about New Delhi).

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Although the band had previously been avowedly apolitical, the track 'Blue Skinned Beast' was an overt satire on Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her handling of the Falklands War, paving the way for more political comment on subsequent Madness albums.

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[3]

In a retrospective review for AllMusic, critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave the album four and a half out of five stars and wrote that 'The Rise & Fall is recognizably Madness in sound and sensibility; faint echoes of their breakneck nutty beginnings can be heard on 'Blue Skinned Beast' and 'Mr. Speaker Gets the Word,' the melodies are outgrowths of such early masterpieces as 'My Girl,' there’s a charming, open-hearted humo[u]r and carnival[-]esque swirl that ties everything together.' also noting that 'The rest of the record contains the same wit, effervescence, and joy, capturing what British pop life was all about in 1982, just as The KinksVillage Green Preservation Society did in 1968 or Blur's Parklife would do in 1994.'[2]

In an interview with Popular 1 Magazine, guitarist Kavus Torabi of Cardiacs named The Rise & Fall as one of his favourite albums.[4]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1.'Rise and Fall'Graham McPherson, Chris Foreman3:16
2.'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)'Cathal Smyth, Michael Barson3:10
3.'Blue Skinned Beast'Lee Thompson3:22
4.'Primrose Hill'McPherson, Foreman3:36
5.'Mr. Speaker (Gets the Word)'McPherson, Barson2:59
6.'Sunday Morning'Daniel Woodgate4:01
Side two
7.'Our House'Foreman, Smyth3:23
8.'Tiptoes'McPherson, Barson3:29
9.'New Delhi'Barson3:40
10.'That Face'McPherson, Foreman3:39
11.'Calling Cards'Thompson, Foreman2:19
12.'Are You Coming (With Me)'Thompson, Barson3:17
13.'Madness (Is All in the Mind)'Foreman2:53
Total length:43:04
Bonus tracks on 2010 release

In 2009 and 2010, Madness re-released their entire back catalogue of studio albums up until 1999's Wonderful with a bonus CD and extra tracks.

  1. 'Rise and Fall' (Kid Jensen sessions)
  2. 'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)' (Kid Jensen sessions)
  3. 'Calling Cards' (Kid Jensen sessions)
  4. 'Are You Coming (With Me)' (Kid Jensen sessions)
  5. 'House of Fun' (single version)
  6. 'Don't Look Back' (b-side to 'House of Fun')
  7. 'Driving in My Car' (single version)
  8. 'Animal Farm' (Tomorrow's dream warp mix – b-side to 'Driving in My Car')
  9. 'Riding on My Bike' (b-side to 'Driving in My Car' 12')
  10. 'Our House' (12' extended version)
  11. 'Walking with Mr Wheeze' (b-side to 'Our House')
  12. 'Mad House' ('Our House' instrumental mix – US 12')
  13. 'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)' (warped 12' single version)
  14. 'Blue Beast' (Warp mix – b-side to 'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)' 12')
  15. 'Our House' (French mix – DJ promotional single version)
  16. 'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)' (with Elvis Costello) ('Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)' 12')
  17. 'The National Anthem'
DVD content listing

The Promo Videos:

  1. 'House of Fun'
  2. 'Driving in My Car'
  3. 'Our House'
  4. 'Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)'



  • Graham McPherson, a.k.a. Suggs – lead vocals
  • Mike Barson – keyboards, harmonica, piano
  • Chris Foreman – guitars
  • Lee Thompson – saxophones
  • Daniel Woodgate, a.k.a. Woody – drums
  • Mark Bedford, a.k.a. Bedders – bass guitar, double bass
  • Cathal Smyth, a.k.a. Chas Smash – backing vocals, trumpet, lead vocals on 'Madness (Is All in the Mind)'

Additional Personnel

  • David Bedford – string arrangements


  • Clive Langer – producer
  • Alan Winstanley – producer
  • David Wooley – engineer
  • Jeremy Allom – engineer

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (1982)Peak
New Zealand Albums Chart[5]29
German Albums Chart[6]15
Norwegian Albums Chart[7]34
Swedish Albums Chart[8]1
UK Albums Chart[9]10
Dutch LP Top 50[10]47

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The Rise And Fall Of Alexandria Pdf Free Download Pdf

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