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Build trust and communicate effectively with Multiple Generations

Turning the Tide on Cancer. Progression-Free Survival (PFS) Overall Survival (OS) Systematic Literature-Based Analysis of 23 Randomized Trials (10,800 Patients) in. 1965 Turning the Tide Author: Nitin Anant Gokhale Publish On: 2015 In this meticulously researched and fast paced book, journalist and national security analyst Nitin A. Gokhale, has produced a formidable and comprehensive evaluation of the events and aftermath of the ferocious Indo-Pak war of 1965.

Turning The Tide Teachables, LLC has partnered with Karla Hernandez, a highly qualified HR consultant with 25 years of experience, to provide you and/or your team with the guidance and support you need to create a culture that is productive and a workforce that gets results and is equipped for new challenges.

Her career in Human Resources has been rewarding and challenging. If your passion is people, Human Resources will be a rewarding and challenging career choice. Her specialties include coaching, employee relations, documentation, leadership training, training on HR practices and implementation for diversity, inclusivity, and development of current and incoming HR professionals.

Turning the tide meaningAre you an educator or administrator battling fatigue and pushback from your students, their parents, or faculty members? Do you have a desire to further academic performance but are feeling unsure of exactly how to garner student, faculty, and parental buy-in? During our coaching sessions, we will review your unique situation and help you establish the systems and routines that will help you, your students, and staff flourish, make authentic connections, and get the results you never thought possible. Let’s get you some quick wins.

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Are you tired of collecting red flags with your children and feeling overwhelmed battling constant academic and behavioral challenges? Do you want crystal clear guidance that will give you the knowledge to confidently navigate these complex situations? If so, let us help you develop a plan of action and convey your thoughts and decisions in a way that resonates with your child. When you book your free call we will help you navigate through your unique situation and prepare for the inevitable battles that you will face as a parent of the 21st century child.

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Omgosh, thank you! The presentation was amazing and several teachers stayed well past 3:30 to chat about the information that you shared. What a great concept!
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Building trust and communicating effectively with our colleagues and students comes from a deep understanding of the cultural and generational details that connect us as well as those separate us. In this training we will examine the current cultural landscape and how the characteristics and social conscience of Gen Z will play out in our classrooms. Additionally, we will discuss specific tools that will enable educators of a wide variety of backgrounds to earn the respect of their Gen X and Millennial colleagues while responding to Gen Z’ers with empathy and understanding. The participants will also learn invaluable techniques for setting appropriate boundaries that will fortify the diverse community of learners within the modern classroom setting in which they operate.